La Mamounia Marrakech Wedding Videographer // Linda + Romain

La Mamounia Marrakech Wedding Videographer. Linda and Romain fell in love with La Mamounia, Marrakech; the expansive gardens and the open space, the colours and textures of the flora and how enchanting is. It’s no doubt the perfect place to get married and have one of a kind party surrounded by family and friends.

Life for Linda and Romain is being surrounded by family and friends, enjoying small moments of happiness. They both have quite different hobbies, so on Sundays, they would separately do yoga and soccer, and have brunch with friends. Romain and Linda are avid travellers and do a fair bit of travelling for work; in fact, that is how they met each other.

They talk about choosing each other because they have very different personalities, that complement and complete each other. Linda and Romain fill in each others gaps and share the same values but above all, they keep each other grounded and are able to bring out each other’s best traits.

The proposal

Romain proposed to Linda in Tuscany, in the middle of a vineyard at sunset – she describes it as being a magical moment with stunning light that really helped to encapsulate that moment. So in shooting their wedding, the light and how we captured it was key. The tone, colours and rhythm of their wedding video was also very important in creating the right kind of mood.

Describing each other’s uniqueness,  Linda  highlights Romain’s ability to stay calm in any situation and Romain talks about Linda’s positivity no matter what, when, where!

According to Linda their wedding planning was fun and a real ‘labour of love’, because she was so excited to see both families and friends all together.

Nothing can beat us!

To sum up, they’ve enjoyed a lot of experience together already and if they can survive a confiscated drone at the airport, customs detention for 3 hours, missing a flight, sleeping in the airport lounge, catching a 5am flight, 30mins lay over, 2 minute shower in lounge, 13 hour flight, and finally lost luggage – and still be able to share and laugh at the absurdity of it all, nothing can get in their way!

Finally, we were blessed to be their La Mamounia Marrakech wedding videographer and als had the pleasure of working alongside the talented Igor Demba, Karima Maruan and as always, planning and design by the incredible people at Boutique Souk Weddings. Much love to you all!