Ice Hotel Wedding Videographer – Jukkasjärvi Sweden // Alexandra + Olof

Ice Hotel Wedding Videographer. This was one of a kind experience for me… Coming from a hot country like Brazil and having never experienced below 0 degrees, I really thought this wedding would be difficult to shoot. Well, it was tougher than I thought! But guess what, the cold weather was actually ok to handle. Indeed, it turns out you have to know how to dress; it’s not about how thick things are, it’s about the right number of layers! However, the chapel was even colder than outdoors and there seemed to be no way to avoid my fingers going numb during the ceremony!

A little bit of stress in the ice

The most stressful moment was discovering that camera batteries don’t like cold weather! Think of a guy sweating buckets as the batteries were dying at a ratio of 75% faster then normal! Luckily I had enough with me and later realised that keeping the batteries close to my body would help to keep their power!

Despite the cold, the batteries issues, the distance and the difficulty walking on snow… this wedding was one of my most memorable experiences! The Ice Hotel Jukkasjarvi is something of a beauty! So much artistry and the whole thing is so atmospheric! I feel really privileged to have shot in there!

An inspiring warm story

Alexandra and Olof have have such a beautiful story… they’ve been through a lot in their lives, and time has only made them stronger as a couple. Their vows were really special. I honestly felt super emotional during their ceremony and had a few shivers as I edited their film.

Ice Hotel – 200 km above the Artic Circle

Their whole event, a week long in the artic, was full of adventures. And what a great crowd!

I also had the enormous pleasure to work alongside super talented friend and international photographer Jim Pollard.

Can’t wait to experience more of this kind of adventure and tell these amazing stories!

An Ice Hotel Wedding Videographer post.