Dorset Wedding Videographer // Katie + Ryan

Dorset Wedding Videographer

Back in July we shot this beautiful wedding in the English countryside, at West Axnoller Farm in Dorset. It’s of the most eloquent and emotional wedding videos we’ve ever made!

We were really looking forward to this wedding as we felt a strong connection with the couple. I have to say, this is one of our best experiences so far! We thoroughly enjoyed being part of their elegant wedding and check out how emotional it was! I could go on a lot more here but prefer to let the video talk!

Below, if you want to get to know this lovely couple better, check out the writing that follows, in their own words! Also, it’s always fun working with good friend and talented photographer Ben Higgins!

Why did you choose West Axnoller Farm?

We originally wanted a destination wedding as we loved the look of Tuscan/Como weddings and had been living by the Ocean Ian Australia. But we realised having as many family and friends attending was actually our main priority so when we found Axnoller with the 360 views and the pools we fell in love with it. We are both Event Producers so it was a fantastic venue to create the wedding weekend of our dreams.

How did you come across our work?

I can’t actually remember how we came across your work, but the first video I remember loving was an English couple who lived in NY married in Wiltshire I think. It was so beautifully shot, it captured all the emotion of their words and their story, and all of the fun of the day, the dancing and how it involved all the guests so much and not just focusing on the couple. That one caught my eye and made us contact you.

Dorset Wedding Videographer

How did you meet?

We worked at the same agency, and then Katie was my junior, and there it all began ! (but took years until we finally got together).

The Proposal

I’d been planning the proposal while we still lived in Australia. Then the move home gave the actual proposal a curve ball. I’d wanted to do it on our favourite beach near Byron Bay. So when we got back, I searched for something / somewhere as beautiful. After visiting Cornwall with my mum and sister a month before I planned to ask, we found the perfect place. Then in December 2016 drove down. As we arrived at our cottage on the cliff front by the beach, the weather was so bad with fog you couldn’t see 5m in front, ruining my vision on a sunset proposal!

She said yes!

I went to bed in a bad mood, but was lucky to wake just before sunrise to an amazing red and pink sky. I dragged Katie out of bed, much to her dismay, walked down the rocky cliff edge, also which she was a bit unsure about, and waffled some words trying to explain why I was asking her there, before actually asking the question. Luckily she is used to my mumbling ways and she said yes before I actually asked and that was that 🙂

Why did you choose each other over anyone else? 

Ryan: She has made me laugh everyday since meeting her. Even on those crappy days we all have. She’s beautiful, so so kind and I have never before in my life been able to imagine forever with anyone else.

Katie: Before I even truly knew Ryan, I knew I cared for him so much! Everyday we laugh together and I realised we bring out the best version of each other which is often either romance or silliness! We care for each other so much and I think that really shows.

How do you think your partner makes you better?: 

Ryan: She helps me make sense of myself in a way I never have before. I’m finally relaxed and happy and not so anxious and stressy.

Katie: I feel loved and supported to follow my own dreams and our lives together

Why are you marrying each other?

Ryan: Because I honesty couldn’t spend a day of the rest of my life without her. Everyone says it, and I hope it’s true for them too, she’s my best friend. I just can’t wait to get married and spend forever together.

Katie: He is my best friend and I love him so much. He has made my dreams come true and we are always building on our future together. I hope I can make him truly happy! I am at my happiest when I make him happy and see him laughing!

Dorset Wedding Videographer