Chateau Saint Martin Wedding Videographer // Linh + Ghassan

Chateau Saint Martin Wedding Videographer. This is one of those stories that perhaps we only expect to see in Hollywood films but hey, this is real! A proof that soulmates exist! Once you are destined to be with someone, there is nothing that will separate you. Your paths will cross! You can read their story, in Linh’s words, below the film. It’s truly heart warming!

I had an amazing time being part of their wedding at Chateau Saint Martin on the French Riviera. Such a great weekend getting to know them and enjoying life with their friends and family. I know it may be a cliche but I am still so thankful for the amazing people that I have the pleasure of meeting and whose stories I have the privilege of being a part of. People say there’s no perfect job, but I beg to differ, what we do comes pretty close! 🙂

The beautiful planning and design at Chateau Saint Martin

The wedding was a feast of beauty, thanks to amazing team from Wanderlust Wedding; who are incredible artists and professionals who not only care so much about their couples, their friends and family, but also make our life as suppliers very easy! I’m always excited to work with them!

On top of everything, it was awesome working alongside my friends and talented duo Don and Helen Bringas from Don+Helen Photography who really are a lot of fun!!!

How can I sum this all up?!? Well… an incredible experience! I am really honoured to have been their Chateau Saint Martin wedding videographer. Much love!

The couple tells their story

I am from a small conservative town in West Texas and basically lived in Texas my whole life.  Very simple motto from my parents: study hard, work hard, and you will be successful.  So all I did was study.  Ghassan has lived in so many countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Belfast, and London. 

Ghassan played professional soccer, was an airborne medic in the US Army.  He was flying alone at a young age, always traveling and exploring the world as a child, while driving and fixing land rovers at age 12 and catching crocodiles with his uncle as a kid.   His life experiences completely shaped him into who he is, and to this day I am still impressed with his knowledge on any topic you can think of.   I always wondered how someone like him would end up with someone like me.

The first meeting…

We met in Houston a very long time ago while I was a dental student and he was a resident at the Veteran’s hospital.  He lectured to our class and noticed me in lecture and in the hallways, asked his friends about who this girl was. After that, we spoke a bit at some school functions and social events, but our first real connection was at a friends going away party at Taco Milagro. 

We had great conversations the whole evening. He had to leave, but told me he would come back and hang out with me.  I took it with a grain of salt and didn’t believe him, but sure enough, he did come back.  That night, our first date was a fast food Mexican restaurant, where he ordered practically the entire menu and told me “I want to get know you.”  He was very simple, very honest, and very sincere in his intention.  He was different than any guy I had ever met.

A love story

Ever since then, he had my heart. I had so much fun with him then, and those were some of the best times in my life.  I will always treasure the beginning years of our relationship and cherish those times when our lives were a little less hectic.

He told me he fell in love with me when he first saw me, and told me I totally changed his view of love and marriage after he got to know me.  He never believed in marriage until he met me. He always knew what he wanted, and that was me.

Love and inspiration

I completely felt the same way.  I looked up to him, he inspired me, he believed in me before I believed in myself.  My life really started with him, and I am a completely different person for the better after he entered my life.  He was my mentor not only in school but in life.

However, was young and naive then, and even though i wanted with all my heart to be with him, i told him i didn’t know how it would work long term.  at that time,  I was living my life trying to conform to what other people expected from me, and not living for myself.  We were both heartbroken and went our separate ways.  He got married and I dated other people.

No matter how hard i tried to move on, he was always on my mind and he had always had my heart.  as I got older, I realised that the things I worried about back then didn’t matter.  He was the one who loved me the most and would care for me the most.  He was the one I always wanted.


Years later, and  after many changes in each of our lives, we reconnected.  he had built his life in Maryland, and I had built mine in Texas.  Our lives are much more complex now, and we have to travel frequently to see each other.

But I feel like the second time I found him, i truly appreciate him more than i maybe could have if we had stayed together the first time.  Our love is deeper. It is a love that endures, and it’s a love that is real and has been tested over the years. However, it has been strengthened by overcoming the daily struggles of life over the years of our relationship.

We have been through so much up to this point, things that many couples don’t face until later in the marriage.  We’ve endured all that and are stronger in our relationship, and more certain that we are for each other.

Finally marrying

I am so excited to finally marry the man who’s always had my heart.  Its been a very long time coming, but it was totally worth it to end together now.

What I value the most in him is his kindness and his big heart and the amount of love he has to offer to not just me, but his loved ones.   He is the such wonderful dad and I can’t wait to grow as a family.  

I am thankful that he is patient, motivated, and passionate about his family and his profession.  I am most grateful that he chose me to complement him in his life journey.

Rare love – A wedding videographer’s dream

The love that we share is very rare and deep.  It is hard to describe in words.  It’s something that only we understand.  We are so very blessed to have found this love in our lifetime. 

We are very passionate about our feelings, so when we fight it really hurts, but when we love, we love deeper.  we both put each other first, and we really can’t live without each other.  He is my home and my safe place.  He is my soul mate and life partner in every sense of the word!

Chateau Saint Martin Wedding Videographer.