Chateau de Rochegude Wedding Videographer // Sarah + Hadrien

Chateau de Rochegude Wedding Videographer. Where to get married… it’s always a big decision, and no more so than when the couple are from far flung corners of the earth!

Sarah is from Australia, Hadrien is from France. They met in London and live in Switzerland. They travel at least twice a month to European destinations. That is because both don’t know how long they will be in Europe for and want to see as much as they can before they relocate to another continent such as Australia, where a change of scenery in less than 2h of flight is virtually impossible.

A bit about our heroes

They love the variety of cultures, languages and foods in Europe and try to soak in as much as they can. But they do also like chilling out at home in Baden, reading and watching movies. Other hobbies they enjoy are skiing, bike riding, swimming in the lake and some lake/beach action. They also do weekends in Paris or London to spend time with their friends and family.

Chateau de Rochegude, the perfect wedding venue

So where does such an adventurous couple decided to tie the knot?! They chose to marry at Château de Rochegude, in Provence. Choice of venue was crucial and there were 4 main reasons they chose this one.

Firstly, they love the history and architecture of the venue, with its 12th Century fortress style of old world interiors. Sarah and Hadrien also appreciate the fact that there are lots of different spaces for entertaining (courtyard, the restaurant area with its terrace, the bedrooms with private terraces, the forest/garden area, pool area, dinning room, stunning church).

Secondly, nature is also important to them and this chateau is positioned in a gorgeous tiny small French village surrounded by vineyards and lavender fields. Thirdly, the location was also ideal, since it is quite remote, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city – prefect for the private celebration they wished for. Finally, the place needed to be special for them and their guests.

The personal connection

Sarah and Hadrien feel a close connection to this area since the chateau is actually only a 40 minute drive from Hadrien’s parents country home and having spent long weekends and holidays there over the past few years it was beginning to feel like a second home.

They also wanted to find an exceptional venue that their guests from Sarah’s homeland would love too, and since Australia is a such a young country, bringing them to a region full of beautiful old castles seemed ideal!

A stress free wedding day

However, although the wedding was held at this stunning regal venue, and the day was full of incredible features and details, Sarah and Hadrien themselves were quite relaxed in the run up to and on the day. Consequently, the celebrations had an stress-free, fun-filled and joyful feel. And all these feels come across in their wedding film.


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