London Family Photography Session // The Henrys

Last year I was invited to do a London family photography session with the lovely Henry family, at Richmond Park. It was a picturesque late Winter afternoon and we had a lot of fun.

Family photography is something I’ve always loved (we love photographing our own children!) but never had much time for, since our wedding schedule has been crazy busy the last few years. However, with most weddings being postponed to 2021 and beyond, now has proven a great time for us to pursue other areas of our business, and other areas we are passionate about. So, let’s talk about family lifestyle photo sessions!

Why you should definitely have a family photoshoot!

I believe every family should have at least one family shoot, if not every year, at least once every few years.

We know what it is like, as parents of 3 crazy kids ourselves, who take loads of photos on our iPhones every day – and so do our kids! So, we capture those daily moments, nowadays, more than ever before. Compared to the not-so-long-ago past, when it was only at key milestones that the camera was dug out of the cupboard.

We know what it’s like!

But what we also know from our own experience, is that unfortunately, we rarely revisit or print these photos. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have thousands of photos on your phone, that you back up every few months, but seldom get a chance to look through and print! Gone are the days when all family photos were put in a photo album and left on the coffee table for regular browsing!

iPhones vs Professional Photographer…

iPhones have their place. They are great for capturing all those funny, crazy, unpredictable moments of your hectic everyday life with kids. But, let’s face it, how often do any of us take a perfect family portrait on our phones? And it’s often the case that not everyone is in the photo – because someone is in charge of taking the photo!

So many photos!!!

So, not only is the volume of photos that we end up with overwhelming, but also, the quality, is, well, varied!  Here is where a family photographer comes into play. You can just relax, have fun and enjoy the moment without worrying about anything. You will know for sure that you will end up with some fantastic portraits to print, frame, share with grandparents, browse through in the living room (rather than at the computer!) and pass on to the next generations.

A precious time to remember…

A family photo session is about having fun, playing around, enjoying time together and focussing on each other. It’s not often that we take the time to appreciate the time we have with our spouse, children and pets. Life is so hectic and the pressures of work and other stresses always get in the way. By booking a family photo shoot you will block time to forget about everything and just focus on your lovely family. It’s a truly revitalising experience that most people love so much they always want to repeat it!

A London family photography and lifestyle shoot

Joseph, Cheryl, Ethan and Mr. Jones (the handsome dog) were a pleasure to photograph. You can really see how much fun they had and how that experience brought them joy. It also happened to be a tough and emotional time for the family as poor Mr. Jones was battling cancer. These memories will be some of their best memories with their dog too. A time to cherish and relive in years to come.

Joseph works with one of our previous clients, Georgie Killik, and first saw our work when she shared her wedding film. Check it out here.

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London family photography by Gione da Silva