Kasbah Bab Ourika Wedding Videographer – Atlas Mountains // Amber Rae + Farhad


Kasbah Bab Ourika Wedding Videographer. When a New York Times bestseller and acclaimed writer contacted me to tell me about her plans to get married at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains in Ourika, outside Marrakech, and asked if I’d like to film her celebration, ironically, I was lost for words!

Amber Rae, author of the book ‘Choose Wonder Over Worry’ (a beautiful and inspirational book – read it!), contacted me first via instagram after receiving a recommendation from our good friends at Boutique Souk Weddings in Marrakech. We immediately felt a connection and the plans pretty much started there and then! We later chatted on FaceTime, and I had to pleasure to meet Farhad as well – an entrepreneur with a larger than life personality and huge smile that enchants everybody!

Amber and Farhad picked the stunning Kasbab Bab Ourika in the Ourika valley, which has an inspiring view of the Atlas Mountains. This is an area rich in local architecture, greenery and of course, the lovely Moroccan sun light! Kasbab Bab Ourika is particularly special to Amber and Farhad as they had visited it some time ago and felt a deep emotional and spiritual connection with the place. So, hearing this story over FaceTime actually gave me goosebumps!

The circle of love and commitment

The ceremony took place at at a charming circular designed garden, which Amber refers to as the “circle of eternal love and unconditional commitment”. They were surrounded by their ‘wonder’ family, while a special performance during the entrance by friends Tatiana Di Maria and Vic, really set the atmosphere for this beautiful enchanting day.

The wedding was full of exciting and inspirational events! Just the night before, we were graced by Amber and Farhad’s camel entrance while a beduin band played some rhythmic and moving Moroccan music. And that is not all! There were snake charmers, belly dancers and the night ended with a thrilling fire performance that left everyone in awe! In addition, there was also a ‘talent night’ where we experienced poetry, singing, acting, dancing, instrument playing. What a gifted bunch!!!

A mystical mountain wedding

The vibe was mystical, spiritual, warm and impassioned! It was incredible to experience the love that was shown between this group of people. The connection was not only emotional, but also physical – lots of hugs, hands holding, dancing together and eating together.

We ended the night with a one of a kind party led by world renowned DJ Vic who got everybody wild on their feet!

To sum up, the wedding was perfectly planned and designed, as is always the case, by the awesome Boutique Souk. They are always so much fun to work alongside. Finally, here is a big shout out to the people involved in creating this beautiful wedding:

Wedding planning and design: Boutique Souk

Wedding Venue: Kasbah Bab Ourika

Flowers: Maybe May

Photography: Igor Demba

Music: Victorien Joy and Tatiana de Maria