Wedding Videography Workshop, London, UK

Our First Wedding Videography Workshop

We loved inviting the attendees to visit our hometown of Ipswich for our first ever UK wedding videography workshop – The Everlasting Journey (called so because we believe passionately in the importance of constantly learning, reviewing, changing and improving in all aspects of our business). The Waterfront in Ipswich is one of our favourite places – especially when the sun shines! So we chose the most iconic venue on the old docklands to hold the workshop – Isaacs on the Quay. The original parts of the building here are grade I and II listed trading buildings dating back to the 1400s, and have lovely original wooden features. However, today the bar the busiest place for eating and socialising on the quayside.

Worldwide attendees!

We welcomed attendees from other parts of East Anglia and from all over the UK, including videographers who have established businesses and those who were fairly new to it – and everything between! The atmosphere was really positive throughout with lots of note taking, questions asked and answered, and discussions. All the participants were genuinely really keen to learn and were supportive and open with each other. So this really helped make it a relaxed and productive two days, and made the taking part in group activities, and sharing the results with everyone fun and fruitful!

Day One…

Day one was packed full of information sharing, from discovering the philosophy behind your business, to working out prices to the creative process, although I had to remind Gione and everyone to stop for coffee or lunch because we were so engrossed in discussions! Later we set some practical tasks and Gione demonstrated the process from planning the shots, taking them and the post-production process.

Day Two…

The second day included demonstrations of filming he bride and groom ‘preps’ and a creative couple session at Rendlesham Forest. We must thank our fabulous actor-models Chloe King and Joe and our lovely hair designer and make up artist Sherrie Sparkes. My favourite Spanish designer Aurelia Gil sent the exquisite dress to us all the way from The Canary Islands. Fortunately we were blessed with some spring sunlight, which was just beautiful through the trees. Oh and no UFO sightings were spotted…

Can’t wait for our next adventure!