Shoreditch London Wedding Photographer // Alex + Paul

Shoreditch London Wedding Photographer. Last year, I had the pleasure to meet these two fun people, Alex and Paul. I was invited to help my good friend Benjamin Wheeler and I am so pleased I could say yes! As creatives as well, it was easy to see we would get on pretty well! Their wedding was laughter all the way! You can see how happy they are. London weddings have this something that I cannot explain, a kind of charm, quirkiness, atmosphere and every time I head over to London, it’s a guarantee we will have a great time!

An artist’s land

How about the hipster land? Shoreditch is one of those places that is hard to describe in terms of vibe. You have to visit it, see it and feel it for yourself. You walk around and start to get ingrained into the vibe and mood of the place. Just look at the murals and wall art everywhere, the people walking around, the bars and art galleries. It just reminds me of a film set for a rock ‘n roll movie. You point your camera to any direction and that photograph is already a treasure!

Enough talking, check out their photos below! 🙂

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