Inspired by people and love
Photo & Cinema

We love each other, we love our kids and we love art. We love people, we love learning, and we love travelling. We are inspired by beauty, expressions of love and the power of relationships.

We are both musicians with an interest in many art forms, who developed a passion for photography and filmmaking. We love learning and improving our craft.

We really enjoy spending time together and with our 3 wonderful children, Flavia, Gael and Luke. We appreciate great food and wine, laugh a lot with stand-up comedy, relish a great read, watch a lot of films and have a great time discovering new music.

We love getting to know new people. This comes from the knowledge that we all have a different journey in life and there is something exciting about that.

We love weddings because we believe there is something particularly great about them – they seem to serve as a reminder of the very best about humanity, embodying love, joy, beauty and companionship.

We will be at the following places throughout the year, if you are nearby, let's meet up!

Barbados - February 2018

Croatia - March 2018

Greece - March 2018

Sweden - April 2018

France - April 2018

Greece - May 2018

Italy - June 2018

France - June 2018

USA - August 2018

Italy - September 2018

Switzerland/France - September 2018

Iceland - September 2018

Greece - September 2018

Morocco - September 2018

Spain - October 2018

Scotland - November 2018

PS: We will be on those locations on specific dates (normally 4 days span), so please don't hesitate to contact us if your wedding is on the above months as we might be free :-)