Tunnels Beaches Wedding Video // Maddie + Nick

Tunnels Beaches Wedding Videographer

As a wedding photographer, Maddie has been to lots of lovely venues and wanted to find somewhere new where they could make their own memories. Their dream wedding, according to them, would be in Italy or France in the beautiful landscapes, or on the top of a cliff or by a Lake in Canada, but they wanted to keep it closer to home where more family and friends would be able to attend. The important thing for them was that it felt right, but they also wanted somewhere with really nice outside space in a nice location.

Maddie came across Tunnels Beaches Devon on the RMW blog and they instantly fell in love. They wanted to find somewhere where they spend most of the day outside (weather permitting!), somewhere relaxed and flexible and wanted the meal to be an informal BBQ. Tunnels Beaches ticked all of those boxes and more, and as soon as they visited it they fell in love!

Their words: ‘We love being outside, walking the coast, on the beach, camping etc and this venue allows us to do what we love (being outside in a place of natural beauty) whilst getting married! We also love how friendly the team are there, loved the food options and we liked the fact that our friends and family can explore and go crabbing during the day’.

Maddie saw our work via the Ed Peers network groups online! She could not stop talking about how beautiful and moving our videos were and instantly wanted to book us for their day.

Their words: ‘We ummed and ahh’ed for a while (as you might remember!) because of budget reasons but in the end Maddie was so upset at the thought of not having one of your lovely videos that we thought ‘screw it!’.

We absolutely love the emotion and feeling within your videos. You seem to flawlessly and naturally capture the special/intimate moments, and your videos are so moving. Maddie particularly loves how you use the dialogue from the speeches as the soundtrack. She is really looking forward to her Dads speech (and mine!)’.

They continually to talk about their future as married couple…

‘I don’t think ‘marriage’ will be hard, but I know that life will be hard. I know there will be ups and downs, and that’s quite scary. For me, marriage is forever. When it’s broken, you try and fix it. Nick’s parents and Grandparents have been together since they were 16, and for me, they are the most wonderful inspiration’.

What a beautiful couple! Don’t wait any longer, check out their story below!

Gione da Silva

Father, husband, musician, photographer and filmmaker