Pula, Sardinia, Italy Portrait Photography // Valentina + Daniel


Travelling is one of my passions. I love experiencing new places, new cultures and really trying to absorb as much of the location and vibe as possible. I was lucky enough to be hired to shoot Valentina and Daniel’s wedding in Pula, Sardinia, Italy in September 2017. I could not miss out on the opportunity to go out and explore the location with them. Their schedule was really hectic and we nearly ran out of time but honestly, the 30min we spent together was definitely worth it! We did a couple portrait photography session just near their wedding venue, the stunning Is Morus Relais. 

Pula, Sardinia, is one of those locations that inspires you. A truly unforgettable place! The sea water is crystal clear and lovely and warm. You can find sandy beaches, rocky beaches, there are mountains, cliffs, forests… everything I love! I can’t wait to return to Sardinia for another wedding and have the opportunity to explore more locations and tell more beautiful stories. If you are planning your wedding or for that matter any event over there, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as I would love to hear your plans!

Gione da Silva

Father, husband, musician, photographer and filmmaker