Best Wedding Videographer in England Award - The Wedding Industry Awards 2017

National Winner - Wedding Videographer of the Year - The Wedding Industry Awards

I can still remember that conversation we had just 3 years ago. Gione had just finished his degree in Computing and Mathematics with the Open University, which he had been studying for for 6 years on top of a full time job working with young people for Social Services. And for the last year of his degree he had also been teaching himself filmmaking… (Something that was fast becoming his main passion…!)

It had been a really busy year, we had two boys, and I was pregnant with our first daughter and also working full time teaching 16-18 year olds Further Education.

Everything culminated at the same time; I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Flavia in July, Gione finished his degree too that summer, and started applying for graduate schemes… Gione found himself in a quandary – the sensible option of a career in computing, or really go for the filmmaking business. I was also ready for a new challenge, which I knew had to be something creative, but wasn’t sure what that would be yet…

The Wedding Industry Award National Winner

Gione and I had always been into the arts. Gione is a musician, composer, singing and playing many guitar and other instruments, and is also a painter, photographer, and has a keen interest in a wide variety of music and films. I grew up playing and singing classical music, studying art and literature and completing a degree studying the culture of the Spanish and Portuguese Speaking worlds.

We had a friend in the wedding film industry and Gione began to second shoot for a couple of companies, and found that filming weddings was really enjoyable and special, and felt it was something he could commit to.

One night we had the deciding conversation: ‘Gione, without thinking about money, or job security or worrying about the children, if you could choose, what would you REALLY want to do – computing…. or filmmaking?’ Gione answer was immediate. I knew he was capable, creative, hard-working and passionate, so told him to go for it!

For the next couple of years, Gione continued studying at night, whilst working by day, and gradually built up our wedding videography business. Then just one year ago – Gione gave up his day job to go full time on the business.

I gradually became more and more involved and interested in the business, supporting, critiquing, and later, taking on a few roles, and learning filmmaking and editing for myself. It happened so naturally that, as the business got busier, it just became obvious that I would also give up my teaching career eventually too to dedicate myself entirely to the business.

So just 3 years on from that conversation that was the turning point we have now won the title of Wedding Videographer of the Year in the 2017 Wedding Industry Awards! It sounds cliché but it really does feel like a dream!

Wedding Videographer of the Year

We are so excited about where we can go with our business in the future!!! We are brimming with ideas for developments and projects!!!! Watch out for the new branding, website and the education part of our business soon to be announced! We are excited to have been invited to film some weddings abroad at some stunning locations, and Gione will also be speaking at Wedding Brazil’s MakeMovie conference in Brazil later this year….

There are many people that have had a massive influence on the business so far, but here is a shout to a couple who helped very specifically in terms of encouraging Gione to take the leap of faith and go for it full time: Our long time close friend and successful wedding filmmaker David Garcia, and great friends and industry leaders Simeon Quarrie and Philip White.

We also feel incredibly indebted to our couples that invited us to be part of their lives, allowed us to tell their story the way we experienced it, and in that process develop a style that it is true to our artistic vision.

The Wedding Industry Awards
The Wedding Industry Awards
The Wedding Industry Awards
The Wedding Industry Awards
The Wedding Industry Awards

When we won the award, we really weren’t expecting it. We are confident about our work and receive a lot of great feedback from our clients, and we were aiming to win this award… one day. But we had not expected that day to come so soon! And to be honest, we had had such a nightmare of a journey on the day of the awards that we nearly didn’t make it (everything you can imagine went wrong – traffic jams, snow, car breaking down, trains delayed, and about 100 other things) we arrived just in time for the awards. We had no time to get nervous – only just enough time for one drink before we were called! When our name was called, we were shocked! Our hearts were pounding and our hands trembling! Gione grabbed me by my hand and led the way to the stage, as I was frozen (not one to generally enjoy the limelight as much as Gione ha ha!). I was literally speechless, but luckily Gione was able to answer all the questions in the interview afterwards! What a moment!


Hannah da Silva

Mother, wife, filmmaker.