Bathsheba Barbados Wedding and Portrait Photography // Georgie + Eddy

barbados wedding photographer.jpg

While in Barbados to shoot their wedding, I took Georgie and Eddy for a pre-wedding portrait session at the beautiful Bathsheba beach in Barbados. I had asked Eddy for a place that was rough and also epic... Eddy told me this place was one of the most beautiful places in the island but also one of the most dangerous and it's even forbidden to swim; only crazy surfers tackle those waves... I thought, well, that is the right place then! Haha... I do love a bit of an adventure and boy, this location did not disappoint us! We had an amazing time exploring the place, doing a bit of a hike, pushing the boundaries of location scouting and in the end, despite a little hiccup while losing my mobile phone, everything worked to perfection! We even got blessed with a bit of golden sunset! This session really set the tone for the awesome wedding they had the following day! Check it out! 

Gione da Silva

Father, husband, musician, photographer and filmmaker