Photos by Thanasis Kouitsis and Hannah da Silva

Learn Wedding Filmmaking 

I am often asked the question: what makes a successful wedding videographer? How do you make a successful living out of it? And how do you keep things fresh? In addition to these big questions are the ton of other technical questions I get every day via my social media platforms.

The simple answer is that I don’t think there is a simple answer! Nor is there a definite blue print to success. I do, however, believe in simplicity and remember the clear steps I took to become not only successful, but one of the best in the country and internationally acclaimed after only 4 years in business. 

In this short time, I have already been sharing a lot of my knowledge and am always keen to help others. I’ve spoken at many international events such as Make Movie in Brazil, Bujaka Photo Camp in Finland, Video Summit IV in Spain, Shape n' Light in Greece, Caldera Workshop in Greece, and I am speaking next at Wedding Select in Brazil (August 2018). I have held one-to-one mentoring sessions at my home, mentored people online, and also delivered full workshops abroad. I have also had the pleasure to judge several international video contests worldwide such as WEVA International. 

In March 2018 we held our first full on workshop here in the UK, where I shared everything I know about this business and showed the attendees all the steps I took to get to where I am. After receiving a lot of great feedback and requests for further education opportunities from other fellow filmmakers, we are announcing our second UK workshop!

My aim is to enable people to start seeing things differently, to foster exploration and encourage people to go after their dreams whilst building lasting relationships and having fun along the way.

Nothing comes easy though! Time, practice and hard work will take you a long way. But good information can certainly save you a lot of time when working towards your goals in this everlasting journey.... Let's do this!


The Content

The 7 key elements:

  • The people - Everything you need to know about personality and clients.
  • The gear - All the gear I use, why and how to use them effectively as well as my shooting techniques.
  • The story - All the elements of storytelling necessary to create meaningful and unique wedding films.
  • The audio - All the gear and technique needed to take your productions to the next level.
  • The editing - Everything I do in terms of workflow, why I do it and how to maximise time in editing.
  • The colour grading - How to create your unique look and using colours to enhance the story and experience of the viewer.
  • The business - The steps I took to success, the destination market, SEO, pricing and profitability (including my pricing formula).

This will be a hands-on 2 day workshop where you will have the opportunity to practice some of the concepts learned in a live shoot, which is great for portfolio building and I will be also reviewing the results.

There is no fluff! You will leave this workshop with all the tools and confidence needed to succeed! This is all the stuff I wished for when I was starting out and even later on at the developing stages of my career.

The key thing is that although you will get a lot of information, you will leave with a renewed and burning passion for the art which will enable you to continue progressing and never stand still!


The Attendees

Wherever you are in your career as a wedding videographer, cinematographer, filmmaker - you name it! - you will find this workshop very useful! For those starting out, you will have a clear sense of what to do to succeed and develop your craft. For those more experienced, you will get insights into how I run my business and create my images in a way that will inspire you, save you time, help you with profitability and also bridge any technical gaps you may have. I will be reviewing some films as well and that alone can significantly change your business.


The Details

This will be a 2 day workshop held in London (exact location to be announced nearer the date). We will be starting out at 10am on the first day and finishing at 6pm. We will then start at 9am on the second day, as we will have a location shoot at 1pm, returning at 4pm to conclude with editing, film reviews and a relaxed gathering to send us off (indefinite finish time!)

The workshop will take place on the 13th and 14th of November 2018 and we only have space for 15 people. Places are confirmed upon payment.

Investment will be £800 per person, with lunch and refreshments included on both days. 

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Dear Gione and Hannah, it was so great to see things through your creative and artistic mind. Your constant hunger for imaginative shots is so powerful and influential. Robert and I enjoyed every bit of the workshop. All the knowledge you have shared, stories you have told, shots you have showed us and advice you have given will stay forever with us, the Everlasting Journey indeed. So inspiring! Thank you for giving us a chance to experience it.
— Aleksandra & Robert Kubicki
The Everlasting Journey was so insightful, very well thought-out and incredibly detailed. The shoot provided a great opportunity to see Gione work, and was a good chance for us to experiment whilst he was on hand to help. The post-production aspect was also super valuable. His level of attention to detail has stayed with me. I think about it every time I work.

It is obvious that Gione and Hannah care deeply about their couples; the dedication and energy they put into every wedding is inspiring. They were equally as generous during the workshop, so willing to share their knowledge and answer every question we asked.

They have continued to express a genuine interest in all of us and a desire to support our growth. After the workshop, they set up a Facebook group to provide on-going support, and they have been as helpful and brilliant in the time since as they were on those two days.

Thank you so much for such an awesome workshop! You guys are the best.
— Lara Elliott
The Everlasting Journey Workshop - I’ll be totally honest - this workshop has been a game changing experience. The best investment I’ve made so far. Thank you so much!
— Tomasz Kornatowski
I have been filming Weddings professionally for over 8 years but still felt I had a lot to learn and wanted to get some fresh ideas about how to go about filming weddings and running my business. Gione and Hannah didn’t hold back and shared everything. The Workshop was targeted at beginners and seasoned pros and it was great to learn how they approach clients and the Wedding Industry.
There was a lot of practical stuff going on too with lots of hands on camera work and editing afterwards.
Terrific to meet up with everyone and network with people from all over the world.
— Steve Hood