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 photo by John Johnston

photo by John Johnston

Learn Wedding Filmmaking 

I am often asked what makes a successful wedding videographer… How to make a successful living out of it and how to keep things fresh, amongst the other technical questions I get a ton of every day via my social media platforms.

In short, I don’t think there is a simple answer and a definite blue print to success. I do, however, believe in simplicity and remember the clear steps I took to became successful in this business, one of the best in the country and internationally acclaimed in only 4 years in business. 

In this short time,  I have already been sharing a lot of my knowledge and have always been keen to help others. I’ve spoken at many international events such as Make Movie in Brazil, Bujaka Photo Camp in Finland and Video Summit IV in Spain. I am speaking next at Caldera Workshop in Greece (May 2018)... I have held one-to-one mentoring sessions at my home, mentored people online and also delivered workshops abroad. I have also had the pleasure to judge several international video contests worldwide. Now it’s the time to deliver a full on workshop, here in the UK, where I will be sharing everything I know about this business and showing you all the steps I took to get to where I am. 

I am proud to be an award winning UK and destination wedding filmmaker and photographer.  I was awarded the TWIA Wedding Videographer of the Year in 2017 in the UK, and am currently listed as one of the 20 best wedding filmmakers in the world by Inspiration Photographers.

My aim is to enable people to start seeing things differently, to foster exploration and encourage people to go after their dreams, whilst building lasting relationships and having fun along the way.

Nothing comes easy though! Time, practice and hard work will take you a long way. However, good information can certainly save you a lot of time when working towards your goals in this everlasting journey. Let's do this!


The Content

The 7 key elements:

  • The people - Everything you need to know about personality and clients.
  • The gear - All the gear I use, why and how to use them effectively as well as my shooting techniques.
  • The story - All the elements of storytelling necessary to create meaningful and unique wedding films.
  • The audio - All the gear and technique needed to take your productions to the next level.
  • The editing - Everything I do in terms of workflow, why I do it and how to maximise time in editing.
  • The colour grading - How to create your unique look and using colours to enhance the story and experience of the viewer.
  • The business - The steps I took to success, the destination market, SEO, pricing and profitability (including my pricing formula).

This will be a hands-on 2 day workshop where you will have the opportunity to practice some of the concepts learned in a live shoot, which is great for portfolio building and I will be also reviewing the results.

There is no fluff! You will leave this workshop with all the tools and confidence needed to succeed! This is all the stuff I wished for when I was starting out and even later on at developing stages of my career.

The key thing though is that although you will get a lot of information, you will leave with renewed and burning passion for the art and this will enable you to continue progressing and never stand still!


The Atendees

Wherever you are in your career as a wedding videographer, cinematographer, filmmaker... you name it.... you will find this workshop very useful! For those starting out, you will have a clear sense of what to do to succeed and develop your craft. For those more experienced, you will get insights on how I run my business and create my images in a way that will inspire you, save you time, help you with profitability and also bridge any technical gap you may have. I will be reviewing some films as well and that alone can significantly change your business.


The Details

This will be a 2 day workshop held in our home town of Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. We will be starting out at 10am on the first day and finishing at 6pm. We will then start at 9am on the second day, go on a bus ride for our location shoot deep in the Suffolk countryside, at 1pm, returning at 4pm to conclude with film reviews and a send off relaxed gathering (no time to end!)

We will hold the workshop at Isaacs on the Quay which is situated on the beautiful Ipswich Marina. The area is also surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, nice hotels and paid parking. It is also a very short walk from Ipswich main train station. Ipswich is only a 1 hour 15 minutes train journey from London and just over an hour's drive from Stansted airport. 

The workshop will take place on the 20th and 21st of March 2018 and we only have space for 15 people. Place is confirmed upon payment.

Investment will be £800 per person, with lunch and refreshments included on both days. 

photo by Joseph Table

photo by Joseph Table

photo by Joseph Table

photo by Joseph Table

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